4 Ways to Maximize Feasibility in Your Water Network

Aug 8, 2023

Managing water networks is not easy. Thankfully, there are relatively easy ways to improve feasibility through effective operations management. We explore 4 ways to improve including smart automation, incident management, process optimization, and water losses reduction.

What if I told you that you can double your efficiency and improve feasibility through simple interventions in your water supply system?

Would this be worthwhile to you? If the answer is “yes” then let me tell you how.

We’ve been working with utilities in the most water-stressed region in the world: MENA region! Throughout our work, we supported utilities to improve their productivity, reduce costs, and maximize return.

We help utilities solve their biggest challenges through curated improvement plans & smooth tech adoption.

All you need is to set clear targets, develop a solid plan, and identify practical implementation approach. We’ve simplified the process by introducing 4 relatively attainable ways to improve your water network. Let’s dive right in!

Bonus Tips: How to develop a solid improvement plan for your water network in 4 easy steps

#1: Process optimization

Pain Point 1:

❌ My energy bills are crazy!

#1 Priority:

✅ I need to reduce bills to enhance feasibility

↳ The solution lies in process optimization: Based on field measurements of flow, pressure, and other parameters, smart tech solutions would help you optimize operations like water pumping and adjust pumps’ capacity as needed. This means you would be saving energy and increasing the lifetime of you pumps.

#2: Smart Automation

Pain point 2: ❌ Labor! Every task takes lots of time and costs a lot.

#2 Priority: ✅ Reduce the workload and optimize human resources utilization

↳ for this you would need to automate part of your operations so that you’re able to remotely monitor your tanks and pumping stations and automate operations to minimize human intervention.

#3: Water Losses Reduction

Pain point 3: ❌ Water losses are Painful! We’re continuously fined by the government due to high water losses.

#3 Priority: ✅ Implement active leak detection campaigns

↳ this could be through simple interventions like step-testing, which costs nothing but your technician’s commitment to carrying out the test and fixing the leak. You may also utilize AI-aided analysis to automate the whole process and accurately pinpoint leaks in the network.

#4: Advanced Incident Management

Pain point 4: ❌ It takes time to spot and report issues in the network, which increases response time.

#4 Priority: ✅ Utilize automated alerts and incident management

↳ an advanced incident management system helps you detect issues as soon as they emerge. It triggers alerts and helps you track the workflow to ensure active & timely response.