Unleashing our most powerful product: WaterCloud

Apr 8, 2022

Flowless team has been working with water utilities in the most challenging contexts, supporting them tackle intimidating problems and navigating their way towards performance improvement.

Throughout our work we've learnt what utilities exactly need. And today we unveil our most powerful product release so far.

What’s New in Flowless’ WaterCloud?

WaterCloud is a tailored solution designed to tackle the daily hurdles faced by water utilities. WaterClouds delivers an array of advanced visualization tools and powerful analytics, finely tuned to provide actionable insights and help water network operators easily navigate their way through daily operations.

Progressive Data Analytics & Advanced Interpretations

What it does: would you rather deal with piles of raw data or get direct actionable insights based on advanced data analytics?

How it’s valuable: it’s all about getting the right insight at the right time to take active decisions FAST!

Data is gold, but only if you can make use of it. Most utilities manage to collect data from the field, but then they are not able to fully utilize this data because it takes too much time and advanced knowledge to analyze it and get useful interpretations.

Flowless’ WaterCloud spares you the time and effort needed to analyze your data. We believe that technical capacity and knowledge limitation should not be a burden for utilities to improve their performance, and this is why we provide domain-specific analytics to process the field data and extract the most insightful interpretations.

Once your field data reaches the database, it automatically goes through a journey that we call “data venture”, starting with initial data cleaning and ending with the actionable insights. Here is how our Data Venture works:

Data cleaning: phasing out outliers and filling the gaps to have a more clean data set ready for analysis

  • Data aggregation: then the data is aggregated to provide hourly, daily, and monthly interpretations

  • Advanced analytics: Aggregated data is used to feed advanced calculation engines like minimum night flow analysis, water balance calculations, and more customized analytics.

  • Data visualization: The results of the advanced analysis are visualized through charts & map views introduced through action-oriented reports & dashboards

  • Narrated analytics: then those interpretations are introduced through key performance indicators with narrated descriptions of the status to help the network operator understand them and take the right action.

Performance-Driven Dashboards

What it does: smart dashboards, fully customizable by the user with zero-code configurations & graphs, maps, and schematics that speak up

How it’s valuable: helping your team track and improve performance through KPI’s, improvement insights, and intuitive visualizations

The next step is making these interpretations accessible and comprehensible for staff across your organization. Regardless of their expertise or technical capacity, your team members are able to read the data interpretations through the evolving data visualization.

How is this possible? WaterCloud provides fully customizable dashboards in a dynamic environment that enables the user to pick and choose the charts, schematics, and map views that best fit their needs. This is backed up by on-demand analysis and custom formulas to enable a wide range of analytics based on your team’s needs.

Harnessing the Power of AI & Machine Learning

Capabilities: Automating anomaly detection and leak localization

How it’s valuable: detect issues as soon as they emerge and reduce water losses and equipment downtime

AI is today’s most trending term. It seems that there is some AI tool out there for everything. But does it really work? Can water utilities get REAL tangible results from AI-aided analysis?

For artificial intelligence to provide real value for water utilities, it needs to be:

  • Fit for purpose,

  • adaptable to the context,

  • and it needs to provide actionable, accurate insights

WaterCloud provides a comprehensive set of tools that work together in harmony to detect water leaks and optimize operations like water pumping. Here is how it works:

  • It starts with Demand Forecasting, where the algorithms utilizes historical field data to detect the demand pattern and build a forecast for future demand. The accuracy improves with time as more data gets collected to provide accurate predictions of future water needs and build mitigation plans to overcome supply shortages.

  • Then the algorithm detects abnormal events as soon as they emerge in the water network by analyzing pressure and flow data to detect anomalies

  • Finally, and more importantly, the algorithm automatically detect leaks in the network by analyzing real-time pressure and flow data, utilizing real-time hydraulic analysis and AI-aided analytics to accurately find the locations of leaks.

Active Incident Management & Performance Evaluation

What it does: early alert system and work orders management

How it’s valuable: detect issues as they emerge and track incidents along their lifecycle

So far you’ve successfully used Flowless’ WaterCloud to analyze field data and detect issues. Great! Now what? How can you decide on the next steps needed to address these problems and improve your water system’s performance?

WaterCloud provides a virtual action center, where analytics are used to produce performance indicators for each part of your water system. This helps your team prioritize their work and put their efforts in tackling the low-hanging fruit, leading to fast improvements and short pay-back periods.

Below are some tools to help you achieve these results

  • Comparative analysis through standard performance indicators like ILI, UARL, NRW percentage

  • Alerts and advanced policies: holistic early alert system, customizable through user-defined alert policies

  • Incident management system: a holistic tool to help your technicians report issues in the network, while helping your operations managers track the issues and manage workflows across the lifecycle of the incident

Is WaterCloud designed for you?

In the water utilities world, achieving seamless operations is key. Flowless WaterCloud brings a holistic set of powerful tools to help you manage your operations and improve performance. The question is: is WaterCloud designed for you? Does it fit your needs & meets your expectations? Check out the use cases below to identify the one that best fits your needs

1. Water distribution monitoring & NRW management

What it does: Comprehensive monitoring for water distribution through flow, pressure and other parameters. Detect leaks and identify emerging incidents FAST

How it’s valuable: cut-down operational costs and reduce water losses

The number one problem for most water utilities is water losses and non-revenue water (NRW) management. Flowless’ WaterCloud helps utilities to reduce water losses through real-time monitoring, advances analytics, and leak reduction scenarios to automatically detect leaks and improve water sustainability.

  • Advanced data analytics, introduced through highly customizable reports are generated automatically.

  • Leakage analysis, leakage reduction, and prioritization

  • Water balance, operational KPI’s, and standard reporting

  • Comprehensive operations monitoring

  • Scenario analysis & leak reduction plans

  • Geospatial analysis, hydraulic modeling, and advanced map views

2. Bulk water supply monitoring & leak detection

What it does: monitor your large-diameter pipelines operations and detect pipe bursts, air pockets, and blockage

How it’s valuable: optimize your water system operations, reduce losses, and ensure supply continuity

Large-diameter pipelines are the backbone of the water supply system, and any failure can potentially cause drastic results on the infrastructure system and the quality of service.

Water losses through large-diameter pipelines typically occur in large quantities. This means that utilities can easily monitor those pipelines and fix leaks while gaining huge savings by cutting down losses.

Here is how Flowless WaterCloud assists utilities in actively detecting leaks and effectively manage bulk water management

  • Burst detection

  • Operations management

  • Bulk balance, operations optimization, and assets management

  • system optimization

  • Geospatial analysis and advanced map views

3. Water facilities management

What it does: all the tools you need to monitor & control your pump stations and water facilities, including process automation, operations scheduling, and early alerts

How it’s valuable: reduce human intervention and operational costs while ensuring seamless operations and improved efficiency

Real-Time Insights: With dynamic pages and customizable views, Flowless provides real-time insights into diverse aspects of water network operations. This empowers operators with actionable data to make informed decisions swiftly.

Efficient Resource Management: Detailed monitoring of pumps, energy consumption, and tank levels aids in efficient resource management, optimizing operations and minimizing waste.

Proactive Maintenance: By keeping a constant vigil on various network components, including distribution networks and transmission pipelines, Flowless enables proactive maintenance, minimizing potential downtimes and operational disruptions.

Customized Views for Focused Analysis: The ability to customize views and access multi-tabs allows for focused, in-depth analysis of specific network areas, facilitating detailed troubleshooting and optimization strategies.

Automate your water system operations by optimizing water distribution based on flow and consumption data so that you can optimize your daily processes.

Process optimization by enabling remote operations for pumps and valves control, so that you can monitor your daily operations. Automatic optimization of water distribution based on flow and consumption data.

Operations Monitoring: Enabling remote operations for pumps and valves control.

  • energy monitoring

  • remote control and operations scheduling