Worried about your networks daily operations? Let your AI assistant take care of them!

Sep 4, 2023

Looking for an assistant to help you carry out daily tasks? Artificial Intelligence is your ideal assistant!

The work of water networks operators is packed with loads of tasks, from pumps operations to regular maintenance, all the way to leak detection and fixing issues in the network.

I used to work as a network operator for a while. I remember going through the endless loop of daily operations, spending what seemed like an infinity on routine activities.

At the end of the day, I am left with one or two hours to look at strategic planning or network development - which always leads to delays in improvements and network development.

Those tasks are crucial, for sure, but I always wished I had a way to get those tasks done without having to drain the whole day, every day!

Reality Check

As engineers and technicians, we are all skeptical of the ability of technology to “take over” the role of water networks operator.

The complexity of the water industry, the limited human capacity, and the lack of real experts in the water management field are pushing toward searching for alternatives to fill these gaps.

And in the current days, AI dominates everyone’s thinking not only people who work in the water industry but all life aspects.

This puts water network operators in a hard-thinking situation, that AI might take their job in the future.

But, this mustn't be true. As an engineer or a network operator, you can leverage AI and still have your job by dealing with AI as your assistant.


The Solution

The major role of AI tools is to take care of your network data analytics, but sometimes AI tools fall short when you need advanced analytics.

Anyway, you can’t deny that the user experience is AMAZING!

How about making them more powerful? This can be done by combining the smooth user experience with powerful analytics.

And the outcomes are:

  • Predictive analytics for smart water distribution and leak detection

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Optimizing wastewater treatment

  • Water conservation and demand management

  • Support the development of AI models

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Implementing it in your network

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