Our Impact Report 2022

Building communities' resilience through sustainable management

Palestine landscape

Our impact in 2022

Flowless is on a mission to improve the way we think about water, energy, and resources consumption.

Our goal is to provide individuals and communities with access to a sustainable and reliable water supply. And the results of our efforts are nothing short of amazing.

300,000 m3

of water saved through active leak detection and water losses reduction in water networks


savings in water and energy for farmers utilizing Flowless smart farming and operations automation solutions

54,000 kg CO2

emissions reduction by improving operational efficiency and optimizing processes in farms & water facilities

Environmental Impact

We empower farmers and utilities to reduce water losses, promote sustainability & conserve energy. Our solutions help them take control and generate a positive impact by optimizing their processes and actively managing operations to reduce waste and maximize efficiency.

Economic Feasibility

Supporting farmers and utilities to improve their economic performance is at the core of our work. As a result of optimized operations and process automation, farmers and utili- ties are able to improve operational efficien- cy and thus improve feasibility and cutting down on operational costs.

Economic feasibility
social impact

Social Impact

What role does the society play in building water security? An intriguing question, isn’t it?

This should be the form of relationship between the water utility and the society: community members should actively participate in improving water supply to their houses and work places. Utilities alone cannot continue to serve communities needs without active participation from the people. We continuously work with utilities and key players in the water sector to generate social impact.

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