Optimized Operations & Automated Processes in Water Networks

Real-time insights, process automation, and AI-aided leak detection through Flowless comprehensive water resources management system

Active Leak Detection & Losses Reduction

https://a.storyblok.com/f/143916/173x173/de3a5121c5/group-68.pngData CollectionCollecting real-time data from the network on water flow, quality, and more
https://a.storyblok.com/f/143916/701x763/85d5bc38ab/controller-icon.pngData Transmitters Monitoring water supply and transferring data to the cloud-based database
https://a.storyblok.com/f/143916/701x763/fe7c47b95c/report-icon-copy.pngSmart Analytics Analyzing collected data using artificial intelligence & providing interpretations
https://a.storyblok.com/f/143916/122x94/60395a9fc8/maintenance.jpgFollow-up Providing needed support to maintain the system & materialize the impact
System Features
• Remote monitoring & Control Enabling remote operations for pumps and valves control. • Operations optimization Automatic optimization of water distribution based on flow and consumption data. • Powerful analytics & reporting Highly customizable reports are generated automatically with minimum human intervention to meet the user needs. Reports include daily and monthly flow tracking, leak-age reports, and water balance • Automated & accurate leak detection Automated leak detection and accurate leak localization through AI-aided analysis

Conventional water resource management approaches are inefficient, resulting in water loss, financial loss, and water depletion. These methods rely on humans and site inspections to keep track of water use, which makes them less efficient and more inefficient.

How Flowless System Helps Utilities Overcome These Challenges?
Water Losses ReductionFlowless system provides insights for leak detection and localization
Process OptimizationAutomating operations in water networks through a data-driven approach
Automated ReportingCurated insights & reports for water balance & consumption tracking
Enhancing Feasibility & Reducing Losses
Flowless system utilizes IoT and AI technologies to optimize operations and automate processes in water networks. It starts with collecting real-time data from the field, then analyzes it, and provides robust tools for automated leak detection and process optimization, ultimately contributing to reducing costs, human intervention, energy consumption, and water losses, and improving yield.